6. Surah Al-Anaam (111- 140)

111. Even if We did send unto them angels, and the dead did speak unto them, and We gathered together all things before their very eyes, they are not the ones to believe, unless it is in Allah's Plan: But most of them ignore (the truth).

112. Likewise did We make for every Messenger an enemy,― evil ones men and Jinns, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception. If thy Lord had so willed, they would not have done it: so leave them and their inventions alone.

113. To such (deceit) let the hearts of those incline, who have no faith in the Hereafter: let them delight in it and let them earn from it what they may.

114. Say: "Shall I seek for judge other than Allah?― when He it is Who hath sent unto you the Book, explained in detail." They know full well, to whom We have given the Book, that it hath been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of those who doubt.

115. The Word of thy Lord doth find its fulfilment in truth and in justice: none can change His Words: for He is the one who heareth and knoweth all.

116. Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the Way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie.

117. Thy Lord knoweth best who strayeth from His Way. He knoweth best those who they are that receive His guidance.

118. So eat of (meats) on which Allah's name hath been pronounced, if ye have faith in His Signs.

119. Why should ye not eat of (meats) on which Allah's name hath been pronounced, when He hath explained to you in detail what is forbidden to you,― except under compulsion of necessity? But many do mislead (men) by their appetites unchecked by knowledge. Thy Lord knoweth best those who transgress.

120. Eschew all sin, open or secret: those who earn sin will get due recompense for their "earnings."

121. Eat not of (meats) on which Allah's name hath not been pronounced: that would be impiety. But the evil ones ever inspire their friends to contend with you; if ye were to obey them, ye would indeed be pagans.

122. Can he who was dead to whom We gave life, and a Light whereby he can walk amongst men, be like him who is in the depths of darkness, from which he can never come out? Thus to those without Faith their own deeds seem pleasing.

123. Thus have We placed leaders in every town, its wicked men, to plot (and burrow) therein: but they only plot against their own souls, and they perceive it not.

124. When there comes to them a Sign (from Allah), they say: "We shall not believe until we receive one (exactly) like those received by Allah's messengers." Allah knoweth best where (and how) to carry out His mission. Soon will the wicked be overtaken by humiliation before Allah, and a severe punishment for all their plots.

125. Those whom Allah (in His Plan) willeth to guide,― He openeth their breast to Islam; those whom He willeth to leave straying― He maketh their breast close and constricted as if they had to climb up to the skies: thus doth Allah (heap) the penalty on those who refuse to believe.

126. This is the way of thy Lord, leading straight: We have detailed the Signs for those who receive admonition.

127. For them will be a Home of Peace in the presence of their Lord: He will be their Friend because they practised (righteousness).

128. One day will He gather them all together, (and say): "O ye assembly of Jinns! Much (toll) did ye take of men." Their friends amongst men will say: "Our Lord! We made profit from each other: but (alas!) we reached our term― which Thou didst appoint for us." He will say: "The fire be your dwelling-place: you will dwell therein forever except as Allah willeth." For thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge.

129. Thus do We make the wrong-doers turn to each other, because of what they earn.

130. O ye assembly of Jinns and men! came there not unto you messengers from amongst you setting forth unto you My Signs, and warning you of the of the meeting of this day of yours?" They will say: "We bear witness against ourselves." It was the life of this world that deceived them. So against themselves will they bear witness that they rejected Faith.

131. (The messengers were sent) thus, for thy Lord would not destroy, for their wrong-doing men's habitations whilst their occupants were unwarned.

132. To all are degrees (or ranks) according to their deeds: for thy Lord is not unmindful of anything that they do.

133. Thy Lord is Self-sufficient full, of Mercy: if it were His Will, He could destroy you, and in your place appoint whom He will as your successors, even as He raised you up from the posterity of other people.

134. All that hath been promised unto you will come to pass: nor can ye frustrate it (in the least bit).

135. Say: "O my people! Do whatever ye can: I will do (my part): soon will ye know who it is whose end will be (best) in the Hereafter: certain it is that the wrong-doers will not prosper."

136. Out of what Allah hath produced in abundance in tilth and in cattle, they assigned Him a share: they say according to their fancies: "This is for Allah, and this― for our `partners'"! But the share of their `partners' reacheth not Allah, whilst the share of Allah reacheth their `partners'! Evil (and unjust) is their assignment!.

137. Even so, in the eyes of most of the Pagans, their `partners' made alluring the slaughter of their children in order to lead them to their own destruction, and cause confusion in their religion. If Allah had willed, they would not have done so: but leave alone them and their inventions.

138. And they say that such and such cattle and crops are taboo, and none should eat of them except those― whom so they say― We wish; further there are cattle forbidden to yoke or burden, and cattle on which, (at slaughter) the name of Allah is not pronounced;― inventions against Allah's name: soon will He requite them for their inventions.

139. They say: "What is in the wombs of such and such cattle is specially reserved (for food) for our men, and forbidden to our women; but if it is still-born, then all have shares therein. For their (false) attribution (of superstitions to Allah): He will soon punish them: for He is full of Wisdom and Knowledge.

140. Lost are those who slay their children, from folly, without knowledge and forbid food which Allah hath provided for them, inventing (lies) against Allah. They have indeed gone astray and heeded no guidance.

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