Will you give information about the First Pledge of Aqaba and the names of the Companions that took part in it?

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I have been able to find the name of only one person among the six people who were in First Pledge of Aqaba (Asad bin Zurara). Can you give the names of the others?
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Asad b. Zurara met the Prophet (pbuh) for the first time in the 11th year of the prophethood during the season of hajj. He and five people of Khazraj met the Prophet (pbuh) at Aqaba. When the Prophet (pbuh) found out who they were, he said he wanted to talk to them a bit. They agreed and sat down.

Hz. Prophet (pbuh) introduced himself to them. Then, he read some verses of the Quran (Ibrahim, 14/35, 52). They realized immediately that he was the Prophet that was expected. They said to one another, "By Allah, he is the prophet that Jews intimidate us with. Jews should not believe in him and follow him before us." Thus, they accepted Islam.

The people that became Muslims with Asad bin Zurara are as follows:

- Rafi b. Malik b. Ajlan,
- Awf b. Harith b. Rifa'a,
- Qutba b. Amir b. Hadida,
- Uqba b. Amir b. Nabi,
- Jabir b. Abdullah b. Ri'ab.

They were aware of the importance of Islam for the people of Madinah. They told it to the Prophet (pbuh) as follows: "We have outstripped both our tribe and a tribe (Jews) other than our tribe who have enmity and evil between them. We hope Allah will bring them together thanks to you."

They promised to meet the Prophet (pbuh) again next year and try to spread Islam in Madinah.

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