Will a person be held responsible for the thoughts that come to his mind involuntarily like likening the being of Allah to some forms?

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When I hear and remember the word Allah, some shapes come to my mind. Islamic scholars say "Nothing that comes to mind is Allah." I believe like that but I cannot prevent these shapes and forms from coming to my mind. Does it prevent my belief?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Man is not held responsible for the things that come to his mind and imagination. However, he should try to think about Allah's works and deeds, not His personality.

According to what Ibn Abbas narrates, some people wanted to think about the personality of Allah. Thereupon, Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) made the following explanation:

"Think about the beings that Allah created. Do not think about Allah Himself. You will not be able to think about Allah's personality." (see Kanzul-Ummal, h. No: 5705, 5706)

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