Who is the killer of Hz. Ammar? How should Muslims view the disagreements that occurred among the Companions?

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Did Hz. Muawiya kill Hz. Ammar? The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "The group that will kill Ammar is a rebellious group."
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Hz. Ammar was not killed by Hz. Muawiya. Besides this narration was interpreted; there are some scholars who interpreted the people who killed Ammar as those who took him to the battlefield. On the other hand, there are some scholars who interpreted it as only the people who actually killed him. (Kısas-ı Enbiya, 1/561 ff.; al- Khulafaur-Rashidun, 224-225)

This incident is an evidence showing that Hz. Ali and his followers were right but this event, which took place among the Companions, is as a result of ijtihad; therefore, none of them is held responsible for it. The one who killed and the one who was killed are people of Paradise. For, mujtahids receive rewards even when they make mistakes; Hz. Muawiya, who made a mistake in his ijtihad on this occasion, cannot be accused of heresy and fisq (sinfulness) and cannot be criticized. He needs to be mentioned as a mujtahid and with his good deeds. For, a mujtahid that makes a mistake cannot be accused of heresy and fisq. (see Sharhul-Aqaid, p.325, Hashiyatul-Kastalli 'ala Sharhil-Aqaid, p.180-181)

After the Battle of Jamal, Hz. Ali arranged his soldiers again and walked against Hz. Muawiya, who was the governor of Damascus then. Both armies confronted in Siffin. One of those who made great efforts in this battle was again Hz. Ammar. During the battle, he met Hz. Amr b. As and talked to him. Hz. Ammar tried to warn Hz. Amr.

It was one of the most severe days of the war. He went to a quiet place to have a rest and to break his fast. When he drank the milk that was brought to him, his face shone with a smile. He expressed his joy by saying, "I will rejoin my friends today. I will rejoin the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and his friends." For, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) had given him the glad tiding that the last thing he would drink in this world was milk. 

He returned to the battlefield. He started to fight with might and main. Meanwhile an unfortunate person called Ibn Jadiya wounded him and caused him to fall off his animal. He died after a while. When Hz. Ammar was martyred, the opposing party panicked. They knew about the hadith of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). They interpreted the hadith based on their own view.

He was buried in the cemetery of Kufa. It is narrated that he was ninety-one years old when he was martyred.

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