Who is the first woman Mujtahid (Jurisprudent) in the world of Islam?

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Who is the first woman Mujtahid. (Jurisprudent) in the world of Islam?
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Islam gives great importance to learning and teaching science and knowledge. It can be said that the issue of education is a duty and responsibility rather than a right. The Messenger of Allah always encouraged his companions to learn science and knowledge. As a matter of fact, many companions did not lose the enthusiasm for science and knowledge; they always showed the determination of learning and practicing what they learned.
Among the women of the Age of Bliss, Hazrat Aisha has a different place because Hazrat Aisha was a very intelligent, enlightened and shrewd woman.    
She corrected the mistakes of many scholars of fiqh since she knew the lifestyle of our Prophet very much. She also explained many hadiths perfectly. She could be called the first woman mujtahid.

Hazrat Aisha reported 2210 hadiths from the Messenger of Allah. She is one of the companions that reported the most hadiths.

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