What is the "Security of my Salvation" in Islam?

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What is the security of my salvation in Islam?
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The most important one is the faith. Then, salat (prayer) and other worships come. Besides, refraining from the sins is necessary.

What should a servant do so that Allah would bestow him guidance? 

Guidance is a light which Allah puts into that servant’s heart after that servant’s using his/her own free will.

Since the goods and the evils are from Allah, only Allah can guide (bestow faith) or make people stray from the right path. People can only be a cause for each other’s guidance and misguidance. Some persons, who misunderstand Almighty Allah’s creating guidance and misguidance, say “Guidance is from Allah, so man can not enter the right path if He does not bestow it” and they block the way of warning and guiding the others and they also want to show themselves excusable for their faults.

Let us first mention that it is acceptable that Almighty Allah bestows guidance to whom He desires. He is the only One who bestows happiness or gives misery to people. However, Almighty Allah’s creating misguidance at one of His servants (abd) is because of that servant’s misusing his own power of choice. Otherwise, if a servant does not direct his ability to the way of misguidance, Almighty Allah does not drive him to that way. The situation is the same for guidance, too. Since the Sustainer is only Allah, man expects the result from Allah after he makes all attempts and has recourse to the causes which are necessary for the sustenance. He can not regard his obtaining sustenance as certain just by having recourse to the causes in a perfect way. In the same way, a person who notifies Allah’s commands and prohibits in the most favorable way can not regard the result as certain. For, He is the only one who bestows the guidance. Allah bestows guidance to the person whom He desires mean; He bestows guidance to the person who complies with the conditions of the guidance if He wishes. Otherwise, it does not mean that “There is no need to comply with any of the causes that are necessary for the guidance”. That kind of opinion is compared to expecting to achieve product from the arable field without seeding the field. 

A matter at that point should be explained. It is certain that a person who does not seed his arable field can not get any products and a person who complies with every cause, properly achieves the product with a possibility of ninety nine percent. There may be a calamity such as hail, torrent or drought with a possibility of one percent. Thus, the existence of a small possibility of not achieving any results is for the wisdom of man’s having recourse to the Divine Court and supplicating Him. The fact we have explained with this example is also valid for the guidance subject.

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