What is the religious decree on and penalty of cursing Allah?

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A person who believes in something that necessitates unbelief becomes an unbeliever. However, we cannot say that a person who utters something that necessitates unbelief becomes an unbeliever. A word/statement may be unbelief but it sometimes does not make a person an unbeliever. He may have uttered that word/statement because of his ignorance, not unbelief.

Unbelief and belief are things related to the heart. If a person who has uttered a word/statement that necessitates unbelief and if his belief has not left his heart, he does not become an unbeliever just because of uttering that word/statement.

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Is a person who abandons the religion of Islam (who becomes an apostate) killed according to the hadith "Kill a person who changes his religion"?

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