What does acting positively mean?

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The words positive and negative are important. Positive means proved. Negative means denied.

In acting positively, expressing oneself and showing the truth are in the foreground. In acting negatively, rejecting what is wrong and false, and displaying an opposite attitude are essential. In that case, to act positively means to prove and to explain the truth and what is right, and to express oneself and what one believes.

Resistance, opposition, debate, conflict, struggle, negation and rejection are in question in acting negatively. Acting positively does not necessitate giving up struggle completely but struggling indirectly. It includes explaining and presenting one’s values without causing enmity, without infuriating and agitating.

"Light a candle instead of cursing darkness."

The statement above expresses acting positively. If the purpose is to show the trueness of one’s thoughts and deeds, acting positively is the shortest and safest way. To prove the truth and to make others accept it means to demolish and eliminate indirectly what is false and wrong. "Not to be busy with them even mentally" and "to devote one’s efforts to the holy service" are the most concise expressions of this method.

Those expressions should not be understood as not to recognize "them" at all. Knowing and being busy with something are not the same. Similarly, knowing and losing time by trying to reject the negativities of the other party are not the same either.

Not dealing with people is an important element of acting positively. It is necessary to target thoughts; one should not try to reject those thoughts but to prove that the opposite of them are true.

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