What did the custom of burying girls alive in the Era of Jahiliyyah originate from? Was there a certain limit for it? Were all daughters buried?

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Since people buried their daughters alive in the Era of Jahiliyyah, how did they reproduce? Was there a limit to it? Did they bury all girls? What was the reason why they buried girls?
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Not all girls were buried. The people whose conscience did not accept it did not bury their daughters. However, those people walked unhappily in the community and felt ashamed.

It is not mentioned in history books when they started to bury girls first. They named this bad deed committed inthe Era of Jahiliyyah as "Burying Girls Alive".

They did it in order to protect their honor or they regarded it as a shame to have daughters and sometimes because they were born disabled or ugly.Inthe Era of Jahiliyyah, most of the girls were buried alive in certain places and in certain parts of the community.

This savage custom was applied by some people with a strange effort of Jahiliyyah, by others due to financial difficulty, by others with fear that their wealth will be transferred to other people through their daughters and by others with the loyalty to their tribe.

No matter why it was applied, it was savagery and it had to be abolished and it was abolished. Several orders in the Quran and Sunnah played an important role in the abolishment of this custom.

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