What are the miracles about the protection of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?

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What are the miracles about the protection of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?
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Traditionists, primarily Bukhari and Muslim, report from Aisha that after the verse, "And Allah will defend you from men." (al-Maeda; 5:70) had been revealed, Allah's Messenger said to those who had guarded him from time to time: "O men, leave me! For Allah, the Great and Mighty, protects me."

Indeed, once Allah's Messenger was appointed by Allah, he challenged all rulers and all religions. With his uncle and his tribe as the greatest enemies, the fact that he was able to take his last breath in his own bed and reach the highest place of the incorporeal abode after twenty-three years with neither guard nor means of protection in the face of numerous plots against him shows how sound a truth the verse "And Allah will defend you from men." indicates.   

 We will relate a few definite events as examples in this connection.

1. When Allah's Messenger, together with Abu Bakr, took shelter in the cave of Hira in order to be safe from the unbelievers who were in pursuit of them, two pigeons stood guard at the entrance like two sentries, and a spider, like a doorkeeper, covered the entrance of the cave with a thick web.

As Ubayy b. Khalaf, one of the heads of the Quraish, who was killed by Allah's Messenger in the Battle of Badr, was examining the cave. His friends said: “Let’s enter the cave” He replied, "How shall we enter? This web seems to have been spun before Muhammad was born, and there are two pigeons standing there. Would they still be there if someone were in the cave?"

2. It is certainly known that as Allah's Messenger and Abu Bakr were going towards Madinah after leaving the cave of Hira, the heads of Quraish sent a man named Suraqa to try to assassinate them, paying him a considerable amount of money. Allah's Messenger and Abu Bakr saw that Suraqa was coming. As Abu Bakr showed anxiety, Allah's Messenger said, as he had done in the cave, "Do not be sad; Allah is certainly with us." (at-Tawbah; 9:40). He then cast a glance at Suraqa, and his horse's feet became stuck in the sand. Some time later, he slipped out of the sand and began to follow them anew, but he soon became stuck again and saw smoke coming out of where his horse's feet were thrust. Seeing that it was far beyond anyone's ability to lay hands on Allah's Messenger, he had to ask for help. Allah's Messenger freed him, saying, "Go back, and make sure no one else comes."

3. Another certain event is also reported in relation to that incident. When a shepherd saw Allah's Messenger and Abu Bakr, he immediately went to Makkah in order to inform Quraishis, but when he arrived there, he forgot what he had come for. Tried as he might, he could not remember his intention, so he had to turn back. He later realized that he had been made to forget.

4. During the battle of Ghatfan and Anmar, the courageous head of a tribe named Ghuras stealthily approached Allah's Messenger, and holding his sword over the Prophet's head, asked,

"Who will save you from me?" Allah's Messenger replied,

 "Allah!" and prayed, "O Allah, protect me from him with something You know." Suddenly, Ghuras was fallen by a blow he received between his shoulders, and his sword slipped out of his hand. Allah's Messenger took the sword and asked him,

 "Now who will save you from me?" but then he forgave Ghuras and allowed him to return to his tribe. His men were all surprised at such a courageous man having failed to do anything.

They asked, "What happened to you, why couldn't you do anything?" He told them what had happened, and added,

 "I am now coming from the presence of the best of men."

An important inspector appointed by a ruler is recognized by every department of the administration and is connected with each of them, because he has a duty to perform on behalf of the ruler. Similarly, all beings that exist in the departments of this Divine Kingdom, from angels to insects and spiders, know him, recognize him, or have been informed about him. So, he is the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds and the Seal of the Prophets.

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