What are the conditions for worship to be accepted by Allah?

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What are the conditions for worship to be accepted by Allah?
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There is only one condition for the worship to be accepted by Allah. It is sincerity. 

Sincerity is like the spirit of the worship that is performed.  Worship without sincerity is spiritless; it is only formality. It has no value in the eye of Allah. 

Sincerity in worship means to worship only because it is the order of Allah and it is a means of gaining the consent of Allah. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi expresses this issue as follows:

"Worship and servitude of God look to the Divine command and Divine pleasure. The reason for worship is the Divine command and its result is Divine pleasure. Its fruits and benefits look to the Hereafter."

If sincerity is used for a worldly interest and benefit, sincerity will disappear and that worship will be invalid; that is, it will not be accepted by Allah. 

In a hadith, the Prophet states the place of sincerity in the deeds and worship as follows:

"Doubtlessly, Allah accepts among deeds and worships only those that are performed sincerely for His own sake and consent."

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