Is there anyone who ever traveled back and forth between this world and the Hereafter?

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Is there anyone who ever traveled back and forth between this world and the Hereafter? A question that arises from the philosophy “I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE THINGS THAT I DO NOT SEE”

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Dear Brother / Sister,

In our daily life, we come to think of the questions with regard to the existence of the hereafter since we do not go into details of it. The question like this is the ravings of materialists who hide themselves behind the sophistry “I do not believe in the things that I do not see!..” They use this argument, whose epoch is long over.

Yes, there cannot be thought any other contradiction, which is more terrifying than one's mind and logic accepting an incident for the present time and denying it for the future. Actually, the life that we live in is sufficient evidence for the existence of the Hereafter. Can those who deny the existence of a second life deny the life they are in as well? They cannot!

Is it easier for a commander to gather an army under his control for the first time; or is it easier for him to gather the soldiers of an army by blowing a horn, who already know their duties and had met before and scattered for some rest? Which one? Of course, the second one. As this example suggests, considering that our Sustainer has given us a bounty, which we call life, by bringing us from the darkness of nothingness to a bright realm, how can it be impossible for Him to repeat the same thing once more when we are dead. Is it not easier than the first life when we compare the two?

Furthermore, do we need absolutely to see by our eyes and go there in order to give news from somewhere or something? Astronomy tells us about stars and galaxies. There are so many stars whose lights cannot reach us. So who went there and came back?

With regard to the point, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi says:

“In order to see with our worldly eyes the dwelling places of the World of the Hereafter within the veil of the Unseen and to demonstrate them, either the universe has to be shrunk to the size of two provinces, or our eyes have to be enlarged to the size of stars, so that we can see and specify their places. The dwelling-places of the hereafter are not visible to our worldly eyes.”

The human mind, which functions according to the criteria of this world, although it is unable to comprehend a realm properly whose qualities and criteria are different, deems the Hereafter possible since there are many proofs about it and it has been proven. The existence of something, which is possible by reason, is also confirmed through news. All prophets and Divine Books announced that the Hereafter exists and human beings will be resuscitated and called to account for what they had been doing in the world. In the Holy Quran, the life of the Hereafter is told most beautifully through some examples from worldly life and analogies. This is not because the Hereafter, and the destinations of Heaven and Hell resemble the world, but because it is impossible to understand this truth otherwise.

What is more, the Master Muhammad (PBUH) saw the Hereafter on the night of Ascension (Miraj) and informed us about it on his return. Now we ask deniers after having enumerated such sound proofs:

Where did you go and see in order to declare that something does not exist since you do not see? What is your proof? If you deny, you have to prove it. What issue will denying settle?

In spite of the explanations and proofs in volumes of books which dispelled the doubts, those who close their eyes could only turn daylight into the night while the truth is crystal clear...

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