Is it true to attribute the cure to some stones such as (Aqeeq) ?

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Is there any reality of Aqeeq Stone to wear and get blessing of Allah and also i want to know that is that true that if Allah Subahn wa tala is giving child (son). the person will face big problems before the birth of child, then every thing will be ok, please advice me,
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Some books were written about precious stones and by emphasizing that the Quran mentions “pearl, coral, ruby”, stones were regarded valuable. What is emphasized in the question is not about the financial values of the stones but being a source of cure.

When it is seen from this point of view, we do not know any stone especially and clearly emphasized by our religion. However, we know that people make medications from metals, plants and animal things and we all use them. They have been determined to be a means treatment by experience and their relationship with treatment is based on a reasonable and scientific ground. However, those medications are only means, reasons; it is Allah who gives the cure. To attribute the cure to those medications in its real sense is shirk (polytheism). 

If precious stones have similar scientific, experimental and reasonable stories, there is no drawback to using them as a medication appropriately. Of course, as it is the case with the medications, it is definite shirk and kufr (unbelief) to attribute the cure to anything except Allah.

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