Is it a sin to eat a lot for sports?

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Almost everyone who has researched or been involved in the bodybuilding process has come across with the term bulking. Bulking is a period of weight gain and muscle gain. However, I read in a website that I think is knowledgeable that eating after you are full and eating before you are hungry are among major sins, but you have to do it during bulking. I would like to know your opinion: Is bulking haram?

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What is the Bulking Period?

There is a bulking period in sports in which you eat as much food as possible and take in more calories than you spend per day, trying to build your muscles in the maximum way possible. Although it varies from person to person, you can even eat 5 meals a day or you can consume much more in fewer meals; so, you eat a lot to gain weight and build muscle at the maximum level. Is it permissible to do such a thing? After a certain time, you try to lose weight and lose as little muscle as possible this time by eating a little less than the calories you spend daily...

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is not permissible to eat after you are full just for the sake of overdeveloping muscles and the like and showing off. Besides, bodybuilding (body changing) in that sense is not permissible.

People who are engaged in hard work, or who are engaged in legitimate sports, or who participate in legitimate sports competitions, or who want to build up a legitimate defense force, or who want to be strong against the enemy can take enough food to achieve this goal, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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