Is it permissible to go to receptions where haram deeds are committed (wedding receptions where alcohol is served)?

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When the hadith, "it is sunnah to go to a place where you are invited" is considered in terms of the wedding receptions, dinners and ceremonies today, how should a Muslim act; should he go to such a reception, dinner or ceremony?

The Answer

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When a person accepts an invitation, goes to a wedding reception and sees that a sin like drinking alcohol is committed there, it will be a sin for him to stay there if alcohol is drunk at the table that he sits; it is a sin for an Islamic scholar or a righteous person who is regarded as a model for Muslims to stay there. 

If there is no alcoholic drink at the table a Muslim sits and if he is not regarded as a model for Muslims it is permissible for him to stay there (1).

According to Shafiis, it is definitely haram and not permissible to stay there for a Muslim if an illegitimate deed is committed there (2).

If there is no illegitimate deed at the wedding dinner or reception, it sunnah to go there when a person is invited according to Hanafis (3), it is wajib according to Shafiis if a person has no excuse (4).


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(see Halil GÜNENÇ, Günümüz Meselelerine Fetvalar, II/242)

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