Is Islam a view or a life style?

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Is Islam a view or a life style?
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Islam is the only religion that Allah revealed to man since the beginning of the creation. Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus all worked to spread the same religion. Our Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh), conveyed the last divine message since he was the last prophet.

Islam is religion that is completely sensible.  Islam presents an ethical system that guides man in every step of him.   

The religion that Allah chose for man as suitable for their life is the religion Islam. Allah made His religion very easy so that people will practice it.

Religion removes the entire burden from man and all of the loads that limit and restrict him and that cause him difficulties. It tells people to surrender only to the qadar (destiny) that Allah, who has endless mercy, who creates everything in a good way for His righteous slaves and who has the whole power, determined for him and to seek His consent and content in everything and to turn toward Him.   

To trust in and depend on Allah, who is the owner of all beings and all events that take place in the universe, and to assume Him as one’s friend, means the end of one’s all fears, worries, troubles and difficulties.  This is one of the most important facilities and beauties brought by the religion of Islam for a person who practices the ethics of the Quran. In addition, Allah informed people about all of His commands and decrees, which are suitable for their nature and which are not difficult.   

Allah states in the Quran that the ethics of the religion is easy and that things will be easy for those who follow the religion of Allah as follows:

"And We will make it easy for thee (to follow) the simple (Path)."(al-A'la, 87/8)

"…He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion; it is the cult of your father Abraham..."(al-Hajj 22/78)

In parallel with the verses above, the Prophet (pbuh) said,  

"Religion is ease." (Bukhari, Iman: 29; Nasai, Iman: 28; Musnad, 5:69)

Thus, he invited people to practice the religion.

It is a reality that the religion of Islam is the best form of life for the nature, peace and happiness of man and that the life led in accordance with the ethics of the Quran is the best possible life style for man.

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