Is the incident narrated as "tafsir of honey" about Hz. Ali true?

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An incident narrated as "tafsir of honey" about Hz. Ali that took place while returning from a battle is reported. There are places where it is stated that a person who reads it gets the reward of two hundred prophets. I could not find it in sound resources. Will you give information about it?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is definite that to accept or to reject stories like that immediately will lead us to some wrong things. They might be true or fabricated. For, some wrong ideas and thoughts that we call "superstitions" have entered Islam throughout years. Some of them can be contrary to the basics of Islam. Islamic scholars call some of them "Israiliyyat" That is, some of them are ideas put forward by Jews in order to demolish the foundations of Islam.

The incident called "tafsir of honey" does not exist in the basic resources of Islam. Therefore, it is necessary not to share it with other people in order to prevent it and similar ones from spreading.

When you encounter things like that, it is necessary to ignore them, not to do them and to prevent them from spreading if it is not a religious issue and if it can cause the community to give it a lot of importance.

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