I have sinned a lot; is there any hope of repentance?

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- My heart is sealed and now I have difficulty in distinguishing the right from the wrong. Is there any hope of repentance for me and how can I regain “my state of confidence”?
- After I attained guidance, I committed many major sins. The number of major sins I have committed is unbelievable! The light of faith has left me. Now I have difficulty in seeing the truth and I have been sealed according to various verses of the Quran and therefore I can no longer see the truth. Can praying (making dua) solve it?
- I really want to be able to see the signs again. I’m so blind. It’s been a long time since saw the signs again, but no results yet. Is my heart frustrated because of my sins and my state of faith?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The Black Sea will not decrease if we take a glass of water from it; it will not overflow if we add a glass of water to it either. This example is incomplete when compared to the mercy and compassion of our Lord because even if it is the sea, it has a limit. The mercy of Allah is endless and large. Turning to the being who has infinite mercy, taking refuge in Him and repenting are the greatest happiness, infinite mercy and endless happiness.

Therefore, the door of repentance is always open for everyone. However, it is necessary to repent immediately without delay since death can come any moment.

Sinning is peculiar to us, servants. The ideal is to try not to sin at all, especially after attaining guidance. However, as long as we are alive, we always have the opportunity to repent and improve our state.

If your heart were sealed as you mention, you would not be able to ask this question. Asking it shows that you have understood your mistake.

Allah Almighty is Tawwab and Ghaffar; He accepts sincere repentance and forgives mistakes.

However, we should not forget that we will probably be tested again and again by divine wisdom for the sins we have committed as a necessity of divine law. What matters is to understand your mistake, to improve your state and not to fall into that mistake again. The best solution for this is as follows:

- To repent to our Lord with regret, to ask for forgiveness,

- To move away from the people and environment that lead us to sins,

- Not to miss our fard and wajib deeds of worship, especially the 5 daily prayers,

- To pay attention to the halal / haram balance,

- If we have violated rights of others due to our sins, to ask forgiveness from those people.

- And to seek help from our Lord with prayer and supplication.

Apart from them, to abandon unnecessary things as much as possible, to read the Quran, tafsirs of the Quran, to benefit from especially the works of Ahl as-Sunnah scholars that increase belief and religious talks online or by participating in person.

If you apply it, you will observe a positive change in yourself and in your heart day by day with the permission of Allah.

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