How do we prove that the al-Qur'an's scientific facts are not copied?

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As-salam mualaikum, It's been quite often I read of people mentioning that some scientific facts in the al-Quran were copied from the Greek books or somewhere else. Of course I have never believed since I see no proof. What can you say about this, and how do we answer people with such ideology? How do we prove that the al-Quran's scientific facts are not copied? Thank you for taking your time to read.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Science has come to existence through gradual development like a child.
The evolution of science has found its peak with the advent of Islam.
Western scholars confess that the source of the contemporary science is Islam and the Islamic Works. The most manifest example of it is the Andalusian Civilization.
The reason why the western civilization has not been based on the science and  has been far from the scientific approach is that they believed “The fruit that Adam was banned to eat in  Paradise was the knowledge. After he ate it, he was expelled from Paradise”
The Europeans achieved the Renaissance because they translated the Islamic books into Latin in the 12th century. (İslamda kitle eğitimi, :Mass Education in Islam, Dr. H. Küçük, 18)
The Quran is a written map of the life in this world and in the hereafter.
According to the Imam Fahreddin Razi (a well-known islamic scholar) an Islamic fiqh scholar asks an astronomer what he deals with. He answers: “ I am trying to interpret the verse of the Quran “Do they not look at the sky above them?― How We have made it and adorned, it and there are no flaws in it?”(Qaf 6)”
Science is the common property of the whole mankind. It has always been advancing since its beginning in the depths of the history. The prophets had a leading role in this development. The advance of science paves the way for the imitation of the miracles of the prophets.
For example, even in 794, the son of the caliph Harun Rashid, Ibn Fazil,  founded the first paper factory in Baghdad because they needed paper for the publication of books. It was followed by others, one in Egypt in the year 800 and another in Andalusia in the year 950. It took ages to set up a paper factory in Europe. The paper plants were established in Byzantine in 1100, in Sicily in 1102, in  Germany in 1228, and in England in 1309.
 Confessions of the Europeans: Professor Jacques Risler: “The Maths instructors of our Renaissance are Muslims”.  A French professor E.Gautier says : “Europe took, not only algebra, but all of  the   Mathematical sciences from Muslims. Today’s Western Maths is nothing but the Islamic Maths”
The well-known western scholar Gustave Lebon says: “ While Europe was going through a dark period of barbarity, the two Islamic centers, Baghdad and Cordoba,  were cradles of civilzsation that illuminated the world with their shining lights.”
Undoubtedly, the reason under the remarkable achievements of the Muslims in scientific discoveries and inventions is the importance given to science by Islam. In every matter, the first order of the Quran is “Read” (al-Alaq, 1)
The Italian philosopher, Bruno, was sentenced to death by burning by the Inquisition Court because he supported the Copernicus’ theory. However, the famous Muslim scholar, Biruni, who wrote works about every branch of science, had said 500 years before Copernicus that the earth was rotating both around itself and around the sun. Roundness of the earth and its elliptic shape was mentioned in the Quran with the verse “Daha” (an-Naziat, 29; Majmuatun Minat- Tafasir. (Arabic) Beydawi-Nasafi-Hazin-Ibn Abbas. 6/453) (Muhakemat, Said Nursi, 51,68,123)

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