The following is stated in verse 41 of the chapter Yusuf: "He will hang from the cross.” However, it is stated in some websites that the penalty of crucifixion did not exist in Egypt and that the Romans applied it. Which one is true?

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"O my two companions of the prison! As to one of you, he will pour out the wine for his lord to drink: as for the other, he will hang from the cross, and the birds will eat from off his head. (so) hath been decreed that matter whereof ye twain do enquire." (Yusuf, 12/41)

It is not stated in the verse that he will be crucified but that he will be hanged. Besides, the claim that the penalty of crucifixion did not exist in Egypt is not true. 

Executing a criminal by tying his hands and feet or nailing him is called "crucifixion"; it was common among Romans but it was also applied by Assyrians, Persians, Phoenicians of Carthage, Egyptians and Greeks beforehand. Thus, it was thought that people would take lessons and the power of justice would be displayed. (see DİA, Çarmıh Item. Diyanet Vakfı Publications)

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