Does Shaitan approach one with a glass of water near the time of death?

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I don’t remember where I was reading about this but, I saw someone that Shaitan approaches one who is about to die with a glass of water? I don’t know if it is true & Allah knows best! I just want clarification & to know why, possibly.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Yes, there is some information about it. However, Satan cannot do anything to those who have strong belief.

The mouth and throat of a person who is about to die often dry due to thirst. He cannot ask for water at that time.

On the other hand, Satan regards it as an opportunity and tries to take his belief through various plots and by disguising himself. Satan even appears with a glass of water in his hand tells the person that he will give him water in exchange for his belief. In order to save him from thirst in that state, those who look after the patient should wet his mouth with water from time to time and quench his thirst.

In order to save him from the evil of Satan, the relatives of the patient should pray to Allah, utter kalima at-tawhid and kalima ash-shahadah next to the patient, and read the verses and chapters that will strengthen his belief and the mention the life of the hereafter, death and the aftermath of death. (For resources and information, see Kabir Hayatı, Assoc. Dr. Süleyman Toprak)

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Remind your patients who are about to die of La ilaha illallah by uttering it next to them. (Muslim)

Satan only gives delusions at the time of death; it does not mean he takes man’s belief. Man’s state at the time of death in the face of the delusions of Satan will be the same as his life in general. Satan cannot take the belief of people who spend their lives in accordance with Islam and belief; his delusion will not affect them.

However, people who do not live in accordance with Islam should be afraid of that delusion of Satan.

To sum up, our current life will determine our situation at the time of death.

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