Could you please give some quotes by famous people explaining Science-Religion Relationship?

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Could you please give some quotes by famous people explaining Science-Religion Relationship?
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“Science gave man the telegraph, electricity, diagnosis and cure for some diseases. Religion gave individuals spiritual tranquility and moral balance.

Science and religion are two real keys that we use to open the treasures of the universe. Man benefits from science but he lives with religion.”

(William James)

“Every formula that expresses a law of nature is a hymn that praises God.”

(Maria Mitchell)

“Everybody who is involved in science seriously, no matter in which branch, will read this writing on the door of the temple of science:  Believe!” Belief is a quality that a scientist cannot give up.”

(Max Planck)

“Belief in the Creator of the Universe is the strongest and noblest stimulating power of the scientific research.”

(Albert Einstein)

“The light of the conscience is religious sciences. The light of the mind is modern sciences. Reality manifests by the combination of the two. With those two wings, the student flies. When they are separated, the former gives birth to fanaticism and the second to deception and doubt.”


“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

(Albert Einstein)

“Science and religion do not deny each other; on the contrary, they complement each other. One of them is the light of the mind and the other the heart. Man does not consist of mind only or heart only. On the contrary, he owns both a mind and a heart. Science without religion may satisfy the mind but it definitely darkens the heart. And religion without science illuminates the spirit and the heart but it leaves the mind in the darkness.

Therefore, the advantage and benefit of man does not depend on being occupied with science only as it is today nor being occupied with religion only as it was in the Middle Age. It depends on being occupied with both.”

(Ali Fuad Başgil)

“The scientists who study the beings that Allah created understand His greatness better than other people.”

(Fakhraddin Razi)

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