Can there be a limit to praise the Prophet? Is it possible to exaggerate?

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We, as weak humans, cannot truly praise the Prophet (pbuh), for whose sake all of the realms were created as it is stated in a sacred hadith, and who was sent as a mercy for all realms (al-Anbiya, 21/107) but it is something that Allah is pleased with to praise him; it is also a deed of worship.  

"Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect." (al-Ahzab, 33/56)

In the verse above, Almighty Lord orders us to praise the Prophet (pbuh) and to utter salawat, which is an expression of that praise.

No matter how much we praise our Prophet (pbuh), we will not be able to praise him truly since we do not know him truly. As a matter of fact, a poet states the following in a poem:

"I do not praise Hz. Muhammad with my words./ I praise my words with Hz. Muhammad."

That is, we do not praise him when we mention him. On the contrary, our words will be more valuable as we praise and mention him.

Excessiveness is dangerous in praising the Prophet (pbuh) as excessiveness is harmful in everything. Christians went to extremes in their love toward Hz. Isa (Christ) and elevated him – God forbid – to the degree of divinity. They claimed that he was the son of Allah. Such expressions that are contrary to the spirit of Islam, which is a religion of oneness (tawhid), cannot be accepted. However, it is still too little no matter how much we praise the Prophet (pbuh) as long as it is not contrary to oneness.

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