Is Bigfoot or Yeti real? Is Cain (Qabil) an unbeliever?

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-The Bigfoot, or Yeti, is a large primate-like creature that is believed to live in the Himalayas by some people.
-There is a rumor and legend that Bigfoot is Cain, that after Cain killed his brother Abel (Habil), Allah made him wander around the world until Doomsday, and that He cursed Cain to mislead people. Is it true?
-Is Cain an unbeliever or only a sinful believer?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

- According to the findings of the researchers, the information regarding the issue has not been confirmed.

There are some people who believe in the existence of Yeti but most scientists think that this probability is very low according to the available data, and hence it is a legendary creature.

There is no possibility that this legendary character is Cain and it is highly likely that the pictures of Yeti are fake.

- First of all, neither the verses of the Quran nor hadiths contain any information about what happened after Cain killed his brother. Therefore, almost all of the news on the issue is of low scientific value and is based on Israiliyyat – that can neither be confirmed or denied.

However, there are some contradictions in the information. There are different interpretations that Cain was cursed by Allah, by his father Adam, or by the earth or some of the beings on it. Therefore, we can say that we could not find any sound source of the information in the question.

- According to some scholars, Cain is an unbeliever; according to others, he is a sinner. (Mawardi, the interpretation of al-Maida, 5/27)

According to a narration from Ibn Umar, the Prophet (pbuh) said,

“The repentance of three people will not be accepted; Iblis, the leader of unbelief, Cain, the murderer of Abel, and the murderer who kills a prophet.” (see Mawardi, the interpretation of al-Anam, 158)

Our recommendation is to prefer to deal with other useful issues instead of dealing with such issues that are of no use either in this world or in the hereafter.

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