Are there any hadiths about quarantine?

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The Prophet (pbuh) ordered those who hear of an outbreak of plague in a land not to not enter that place and if plague broke out in a place, he ordered those in that place not to leave that place. (Bukhari, Tibb, 30; Muslim, Salam, 92)

The Messenger of Allah wanted us to keep away from leprous people (Bukhari, Tibb, 19); when he heard that there was a leprous person in the delegation coming from Thaqif to Madinah to pay allegiance to him, he wanted that person to return and stated that his allegiance was accepted. (Muslim, Salam, 126; Ibn Majah, Tibb, 44)

The Prophet (pbuh) also stated that animals with diseases should be separated from healthy animals. (Muslim, Salam, 104-105; Abu Dawud, Tibb, 24)

Hz. Umar set off for Syria but when he was informed that there was an outbreak of plague in Syria, he returned. (Bukhari, Tibb, 30; Muslim, Salam, 98; Tabari, Tarikh, IV, 57-58)

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