Are all of those who murder a person all together punished?

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It is regarded a principle to punish all of those who commit a murder all together.

Islamic fiqh scholars regarded the commit of killing a person as a whole based on the consensus of the Companions and claimed that the responsibility of the perpetrators could not be divided; they decreed that all of the perpetrators would be punished separately with the essential penalty of the crime

According to a narration, Hz. Umar applied the penalty of retaliation on more than one person who killed somebody all together in the city of San’a and said, لو اشترك فيها أهل صنعاء لقتلتهم – If the whole people of San’a had taken part in the crime, I would have applied retaliation on all of them.” The view of Hz. Ali is also the same. (see Muwatta, Uqul, 19; Bukhari, Diyat, 21)

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