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who is the first ambassador in islam
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The messenger of Allah impressed the seal of “Muhammad Rasulullah” under his letters and gave them to the ambassadors given below and sent them to deliver the letters to given kings: Amr b. Umayya ad-Damri, to the king of the Ethiopia, Ashama ibn Abjar; Dihye b. Halife el-Kelbi, to the emperor of Byzantine, Heraklious; Hatib b. Ebi Beltea, to the king of Alexandria, Mukavkis; Abdullah b. Huzafe es-Sehmi, to the king of Persian, Kisra; Shuca b. Vehb el-Esedi, to the king of Balka, Haris b. Ebi Shemyr el-Gassaniye; Salita b. Amr el-Ameer to Havze b. Ali or to Sumama. Such ambassadors conveyed the message and invitation of the Messenger of Allah to the kings of the countries they went. As some of the kings tore the letters up, some of them accepted the invitation of the Prophet and became Muslim.

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