Halil Günenç

He was born in Mardin Savur. He received madrasah (Islamic school) education. He went to Syria when he was 12 and received education from M.Latif Anudi for about 8 years. He received lessons from two teachers both of whom were called Abdulwahhab in Turkey and from Sheikh Maşuk Efendi in Nurşin. During his education, he studied Sarf (Morphology), Nahw (Grammar), Logic, Debate, Rhetoric, Kalam, Methodology of Fiqh, Methodology of Tafsir Usulu and Tafsir, Methodology of Hadith and Hadith. He worked as the mufti of Halfeti, Kızıltepe (1959-66), Urfa (1966-76) and as a teacher of Fiqh and Tafsir at PRA Haseki Training Center. His articles were published in various newspapers and magazines.

His Works:
-Büyük Şafii İlmihali (Big Shafii Catechism),
-Günümüz Meselelerine Fetvalar (Fatwas to the Questions of Today) 2 volumes
-Tanwiru'l-Qulub (Enlightenment of Hearts), Arabic
-ar-Rasul (the Prophet), Arabic
-al-Mujizatu'l-Qur'aniyya (the Miracle of the Quran), Arabic
-Raidu'sh-Shabal, Arabic
-Annotation of Tafsir of Nasafi, Arabic
-Explanation of Arbain an-Nawawiyya,
-Voice of Islam,
-Shafii Pocket Catechism

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