What is a woman place in Islam?

Islam has given an esteemed rank to women. Allah Almighty announces in a verse, Should one of them, or both, attain old age in your lifetime, do not say "Ugh!" to them (as an indication of complaint or impatience), nor push them away, and always address them in gracious words. (Al-Isra Surah, 17:23)

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) announces, Heaven is under the feet of mothers. Let us touch briefly on the objection that some put forward saying there is o equality between men and women in Islam.

Allah Almighty has instances of wisdom in infinite numbers. He creates in whatever way He pleases. He may give some people different capabilities and talents from others. No creatures can ever interfere with this will.

Allah Almighty has not created men and women equally in all ways. To try to make these two genders equal in every way is only possible to change the nature of genders, which is impossible. The male and female natures differ from each other in many ways. Considering the fact that judgments are made on behalf of majority, we can say that: men are superior in terms of strength, courage, and boldness whereas women are superior in compassion, tenderness, and fidelity. Both men and women may excel each other at some ways. Within family, the excelling sides of both are combined and thus the needs and happiness of the family are met.

Since men are superior in strength, Allah Almighty, in the first place, has held men responsible for the family and protecting them from any kind of danger both physically and spiritually. This truth has been clearly written in the Holy Book: Men (those who are able to carry out their responsibilities) are the protectors and maintainers of women inasmuch as God has endowed some of people (in some respects) with greater capacity than others and inasmuch as they (the men) spend of their wealth (for the familys maintenance). Good, righteous women are the devoted ones (to God) and observant (of their husbands rights), who guard the secrets (family honor and property, their chastity, and their husbands rights, especially where there is none to see them and in the absence of men) as God guards and keeps undisclosed (what should be guarded and private). (An-Nisa Surah, 4:34)

Islam, on the one hand, wishes men to answer the needs of women, on the other hand, wishes women to be obedient to their husbands. The verse above teaches us both the superiority of men and the virtue of women.

However, being the head of the family is one thing, being superior in the religion is quite another thing. According to the Holy Quran, the criterion of the superiority is not gender but taqwa. Taqwa in short means fearing Allah, avoiding from sins, abstaining from the behaviors, manners, and words that He disapproves.

For a family to continue its welfare and harmony it is of great importance that man be the head of the family and woman obey him. Absolute equality ruins the harmony in the family through when women do not obey their husbands, spoils the welfare and happiness, and mostly causes divorces.

Just as it is necessary for a woman to obey her husband, it is also necessary for a man to maintain his wifes rights. It is a fallacy that in Islam women are slaves to men. On the contrary, in Islam women have more pleasures than men do. Because in Islam men are obliged to provide alimony for women in a case of divorce, whereas women are exempted from that. Islam has given the duty of raising a child to women, which is the most essential and pleasurable thing for a woman to do. That is why Allah Almighty has given the feeling of compassion more to women than men have.

Today what some call freedom of women has only brought about womens falling into debauchery and misery. However, Islam has protected their honor by ordering to remain chaste.

Some circles present the Islamic order of veiling as the restriction of freedom of women.

First one need to know that veiling is not only an Islamic rule, but it is a rule of all divine religions. Nuns veiling themselves is a clear proof to that.

Veiling is not peculiar to women; it is a natural necessity for the whole humankind. It is impossible to see naked people around in any country. The point of debate is on its limits. In Islam women are obliged to cover all their parts which could evoke men sexual feelings. In this way, they protect their honor and chastity in the world, and win eternal bliss in the hereafter. On the other hand, when women wear immodestly, they lead men into sins, and according to the Islamic rule the one who causes is like the one who does, the same sins that men commit also go to women. The Islamic order of veiling protects women from such dangers.

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