What is the relation of deed and worshipping with belief?

Deed is practicing what one believes, fulfilling the orders of the religion and avoiding what the religion forbids. Deed has a close relation with belief. Man adopts something first, believes that it is true and then practices what he believes to be true. However, deed is not a part of belief. That is, a person is not regarded to be a disbeliever or to have denied his belief if he does not fulfill the orders of the religion and even if he does not worship. He becomes a sinner.

However, deed and worship strengthens the belief in the heart increases its effect and makes man mature. If a person does not carry out the requirements of his belief, the positive effects of belief on human behavior diminish and disappear in time. As the effects of belief on a person diminish, negative feelings, evil habits, harmful desires cover a person’s world of feelings. Sometimes, that state may lead that person to unbelief, that is, losing his belief.

Every evil and sin, every deed that is contrary to the orders of the religion penetrates into the heart, and stains and blackens the light of belief.

Our Prophet indicated that state with his following words:

“In the heart of a person who commits a sin, a black stain forms.”

As the sins are repeated, the blackness in the heart increases and the light of belief gradually fades away. That state continues until the heart completely blackens and hardens and the light of belief completely fades away and disappears.

Therefore, the following sentence is stated, “There is a way going to unbelief in every sin.”

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