What is the purpose of life?

You say, “Man should know the purposes of life and live accordingly."

- What are those purposes?

- Why should I live?

- What kind of responsibilities have been laid on me? 

The following is stated in Badiuzzaman Said Nursi’s Risale-i Nur Collection: “The summary of the aims of your life consists of nine matters.” The reasons for the creation of human life are summarized in nine items. I will try to explain them briefly in a way you will understand... 

You have been given the senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

They are scales. There are so many blessings in the world; they are spread everywhere. They all come from the treasury of divine mercy. You are to taste them and weigh them with your scales of senses. Then, you need to know the Giver and thank Him fully.

There are devices in your creation. You are equipped with senses. You have a mind and you understand with it; you have a memory and you remember with it; you have a heart with which you love, pity and believe.

You were created as a distinguished creature and adorned with important qualities. You are to use them according to the purposes of your creation.

It is your duty to open the treasures of divine names. Those names are manifest and appear in the universe, in the world and in you.

However, those who do not think carefully cannot see. They see all those artistic works, but do not know the artist, master or creator behind them. They cannot understand His knowledge, will and power.

However, you were created to understand the divine names by looking at works, deeds and arts, and then to know your Lord with those names.

You are a work of art too. You are not only the watcher, but also the watched. You are displayed for conscious beings. You have embroideries, manifestations and signs of divine names, just like a painting having traces of its artist.

If the painting in the gallery had consciousness and could exhibit its master's art for the visitors knowingly, it would be invaluable. Its painter would be very pleased with it.

You have consciousness; know your master and display the wonders of art on you knowingly. Show yourself to conscious beings with this intention.

You were created to worship. So, worship both with your disposition and with your tongue.

Your Lord created you out of nothing and gave you life. He nurtures you with blessings, protects and watches you. Get to know him, believe in him, and fulfill the duties of worship. Thus, you will have acted in accordance with the purpose of your creation.

Display yourself not only to conscious beings such as other people, but also the being that created you.

Show yourself to your Lord, just like a statue that shows itself to its master and says, “O artist! I am your work” in the tongue of disposition. Live with this consciousness.

A soldier dresses up, puts on the gifts of his sultan, passes in front of him to display himself, and shows himself to the sultan. Be like that soldier. Be aware of the blessings your Lord has given you, and show them to him.

Look! There are living beings everywhere. Plants, animals and trees worship by fulfilling the tasks assigned to them fully.

That is the fruit of their life. Maybe they do not know what they are doing. It is your duty to see, think about and show their worship.

You have been given a little knowledge, will, and power. You have some feelings, emotions and traits. See and understand the infinite knowledge, will and power of your Lord acting upon them.

Make your attributes a unit of measure because they have been given with that purpose. If you did not have eyesight, you would not be able to understand that your Lord is the one that "sees".

Know it like that, but also know that what you have is a shadow each, and what your creator has is an endless fact each. You exist thanks to Him. He is also the one who gave you your attributes.

This realm is also a book; it constantly gives information about its creator. Every being introduces their Creator with their tongue of disposition. They say meaningful words. For example, a sparrow states the following:

“I am a work of art. I have a master who gives my life, my shape and my sustenance. He is also the creator of all the sparrows of my kind, birds and animals because our laws of life are the same. We are made by the same master.”

One of your duties is to read the pages of the world, to understand the spiritual words in it, to get to know your Lord in this way.

You are weak, poor and full of deficiencies but everything you need to live comes to you. There is obviously a powerful being that helps you. He knows you and He has mercy on you.

Hunger makes the taste of food known and darkness shows the light; similarly, your helplessness and weakness show the knowledge, will and power of your creator.

You are poor; you need everything. As for your Lord, He is rich; He bestows blessings upon you.

You are weak; you cannot protect yourself without the protection of an infinitely powerful being.

Look at yourself like that. See your imperfect qualities and understand the infinite attributes of the being that created you.

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