What kinds of measures were taken by Muslims against the pressure and torture that increased gradually?

The fifth year of the prophethood of the Messenger of Allah.
Year 615
The pressure, torture and trouble of Quraishi polytheists (mushriks) on Muslims increased day by day. Muslims had faced a circumstance in which they could not worship comfortably.


A safe place was needed to worship and to learn Islam and the teaching of the Faith. The Messenger of Allah himself searched for that place and found it. It was the house of, Arkam bin Abil Arkam bin Asad, one of the first Muslims, located in a narrow street in the east of the hill Safa. That house was suitable for entering and going out secretly and for controlling the street.


The Lord of the Universe, our Prophet (pbuh) was the teacher and the first Muslims were students there. They informed the other Muslims about what they had learned there within possibilities. In this sense, we can regard Arkams house the first Islamic school, the first university that the Prophet had taught.


Till Umars acceptance of Islam, the Messenger of Allah carried out the duty of teaching and informing about Islam there. A lot of people including Umar were became Muslims there.


Arkam Bin Abil Asad left his house to his son on the condition that it would not be sold and passed by inheritance to anybody.


That house which is very important for the history of Islam, is today called Darul-Hayzuran and is allocated to a religious school.
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