What are the reasons (wisdoms) behind tasattur (covering) ? Why is tasattur necessary?

The principle that the name transforms the thing according into its meaning becomes manifest in the fact that tasattur transforms the woman it hides into a jewel. The value of that jewel increases as the woman protects it and covers and hides herself.

The connection established with things makes things valuable or worthless based on where they are used. The name we give to things brings about the attributes of those things. Every attribute that a thing gets determines its place.

As-Sattar, which is one of the beautiful names of God Almighty, terminologically means the one who hides, covers and conceals mistakes and sins. The word tasattur means to cover oneself.

Tasattur, which has been regarded as an indication of being honorable up to now, does not mean so for people who moved away from their nature.

According to what we could see when we examine the history of the communities is the fact that what is normal, widespread and essential is tasattur. In some nations, tasattur was regarded as the indicator that determined the level of honor. On the other hand, nudity was regarded as a sign of disgrace and contempt and it was condemned and reproved by almost all nations throughout history.

The Quran tells us “tasattur is a good way to be preferred in order to be known and not to be  molested". (al-Ahzab, 59)

Our Lord, who created us as human beings and who defined the word human, who informed us about our nature, who created us as Muslims and defined the word Muslim, who taught us what Islam is, who created us naked, who infused us with chastity and honor, who covered us and who covered our mistakes, want believing women to be known and defined as covered.

To be known as a person in tasattur does not mean to be known by humans only but also by all creatures; not to be molested does not mean to be maltreated by humans only but to be treated well by the creatures.

To be in tasattur is equivalent to regard oneself among the ummah of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh).

Another reason behind tasattur is that the woman regards herself as protected and enables others to distinguish her as someone to be protected.

This intention determines the nature and the quality of that nature. What needs to be protected cannot be a shield at the same time. She needs to accept to be protected as a valuable jewel as a carrier of chastity and honor; thus, she needs to regard her chastity and honor as her jewel.

If this state, which is in compliance with her nature, is realized, the people who will protect the woman and who will act as a shield will be around her. She will be protected just like the woman of Sons of Qaynuqa tribe who was insulted was protected.

The woman is qualified as covered. This quality ensures people to learn what being a woman is, and the protection of the feeling of shame and chastity in the nature of woman is determined with this attribute: the woman is the one that is covered.

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