Walid bin Walid (r.a.)

He was the brother of Khalid bin Walid'in (r.a.), the famous Companion. He fought against Muslims with polytheists during the Battle of Badr, where he was captivated by Abdullah bin Jahsh (r.a.).

Khalid bin Walid and Hisham bin Walid, who had not accepted Islam yet, went to Madinah in order to save him from captivity. They gave their armor, sword and helmet that they had inherited from their father as ransom and saved him. After that, they went to Makkah together.

Khalid and Hisham were astonished on the way. Walid returned to Madinah when they reached Dhul-Hulayfa and became a Muslim there. Khalid and Hisham went there after him. Khalid got angry with Walid and asked him, "Why did you not become a Muslim before we gave our father's honorable things? Why did you do that? Hz. Walid said to him, "I did not want Qurayshis say, ‘He became a Muslim to avoid the ransom.'"

Khalid and Hisham were very angry but they did not do anything. They set off for Makkah. They arrived in Makkah after their journey. When the polytheists heard that Walid became a Muslim, they could not accept it. They went to Madinah and grabbed him. They chained him and locked him in. Walid (r.a.) was ready for it. When he became a Muslim, he expected these hardships. He showed patience when they tortured him.

The Prophet heard about the torture inflicted on him and felt very sorry. He included Walid's name in the prayer he made for the two Companions, Ayyash bin Abi Rabia and Abu Salama bin Hisham, who were captivated in Makkah like Walid.

Walid (r.a.) remained imprisoned in Makkah for a while. However, he escaped after a while and went to Madinah. He went into the presence of the Prophet. The Prophet asked him about Hz. Ayyash andAbu Salama. Walid said that they were being tortured. The Prophet became distressed. He gave Hz. Walid the duty of rescuing these two heroes of Islam, who were being tortured.

Hz. Walid was very tired but he set off for Makkah at once. He wanted to fulfill the order of the Messenger of Allah as soon as possible. After a tiring journey, he reached Makkah. He entered the city at night. He found the place where they were imprisoned. It was a place that was not covered. He jumped over the wall. They had been tied to a stone with a rope so that they would not escape. He took out his sword and cut off the rope. They jumped over the wall and escaped. They had to move away before the polytheists noticed that they had escaped. They walked without having a rest. 

In the morning, the polytheists noticed that they had escaped and sent out men to find them. However, they could not find them. These three Muslims, who had been suffering for a long time, arrived in Madinah three days later. When they arrived, they were in a terrible position.

Hz. Walid died in the 8th year of the Migration. He was buried in the graveyard of Baqi in Madinah.

May Allah be pleased with him!

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