Umm Kulthum (r.anha)

Hz. Osman led a troublesome but happy life with Ruqiyya. However, when she died, he lost his goodwife and his kinship with the Messenger of Allah was cut off. Therefore, he was very sorry. When the Prophet saw him so sad, he asked, “O Uthman! Why are you so sad?”

Hz. Uthman said, “O Messenger of Allah! It is impossible for me not feel sad. I was left alone as your daughter died; what is more, my kinship with you was cut off.”

The Prophet (pbuh) gave him the good news: He said Allah Almighty had ordered him to marry his daughter Umm Kulthum off to him. Hz. Uthman became very happy when he heard it.

The preparations for the weeding were made in a very short time. The wedding ceremony of this happy marriage took place in the 3rd year of the Migration. Thus, Hz. Uthman had the honor of becoming the son-in-law of the Prophet for the second time. From then on, he was called “Dhun-nurayn [the owner of two lights]”.

Hz. Osman and Umm Kulthum lived happily for six years. However, Umm Kulthum died in the 9th year of the Migration due to an illness. Her janazah prayer was performed by the Prophet. Her death saddened Hz. Uthman. The Messenger of Allah expressed his love toward Hz. Uthman by saying, “If I had 10 daughters, I would marry them off to Uthman one by one.” This statement was great consolation for Hz. Uthman. [1]


[1] Tabaqat, 8: 38; Mustadrak, 4: 49.

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