Third Satanic Stratagem: Greed and ambition.


They hunt many people through greed.

We have proved in many treatises with certain proofs that have issued forth from the clear verses of the All-Wise Qur’an that “Licit sustenance comes not in accordance with power and will, but in relation to powerlessness and want.” There are numerous signs, indications, and evidences demonstrating this truth. For instance:

Trees, which are animate beings of a sort and in need of sustenance, remain in their places and their sustenance comes hastening to them. While since animals chase after their sustenance greedily, they are not nurtured as perfectly as trees.

Also, although fishes are the most stupid and powerless of the animals, and are found in sand, their being the best nourished and generally appearing fat, while intelligent and capable animals like the monkey and fox are weak and thin from their scanty sustenance, shows that “the means of sustenance is not power, but want.”

Also, the fine sustenance of all young, whether human or animal, and a most delicate gift of the treasury of mercy like milk being bestowed on them in an unexpected way out of compassion for their weakness and impotence, and the difficult circumstances of wild animals, show that the means of licit sustenance is impotence and want, it is not intelligence and power.

Also, among the nations of the world there is none which pursues sustenance more than the Jewish nation, which is notorious for its intense greed. Whereas they have suffered more than any from poor livelihoods amid degradation and poverty. Even the rich among them live in lowly fashion. In any event, the possessions they have acquired by illicit means like usury are not licit sustenance so that it might refute our discussion here.

Also, the poverty of many literary figures and scholars, and the wealth and riches of many stupid people shows that the means of attracting sustenance is not intelligence and power, but impotence and want; it is submitting to Allah while relying on Him, and supplication by word, state, and deed.

The verse,

For Allah is He Who gives [all] sustenance, Lord of Power, and Steadfast [for ever],1

proclaims this truth, and is a powerful and firm proof of this assertion of ours which all plants and animals and young recite. Every group of creature which seeks sustenance recites the verse through the tongue of disposition.

Since sustenance is appointed and bestowed and the one who gives it is Almighty Allah, and since He is both All-Compassionate and Munificent, let those who degrade themselves through illicit gain in a way that accuses His mercy and insults His munificence, giving their consciences and even certain sacred matters as bribes and accepting things which are unlawful and inauspicious-let them ponder over just what a compounded lunacy this is.

Yes, ‘the worldly’ and especially the people of misguidance do not give away their money cheaply; they sell it at a high price. Sometimes something which may help a little towards a year of worldly life is the means to destroying infinite eternal life. And through that vile greed, the person draws Divine wrath on himself and tries to attract the pleasure of the people of misguidance.

Yes, my brothers! If those who toady to ‘the worldly’ and the dissemblers among the misguided lay hold of you due to this weak vein in human nature, think of the above truth and take this poor brother of yours as an example. I assure you with all my strength that contentment and frugality ensure your life and sustenance more than does a salary. Especially any unlawful money that is given you, they will want a price a thousand times higher in return. It may also be an obstacle to service of the Qur’an, which may open for you an everlasting treasury, or it may make you slack in that service. And that would be such a loss and emptiness that even if they gave you a thousand salaries every month, they could not fill its place.

WARNING: The people of misguidance are not able to defend themselves and reply to the truths of belief and the Qur’an which we take from the All-Wise Qur’an and disseminate, therefore, through intrigue and dissembling they employ snares of deception and wile. They want to deceive my friends through the desire for position, greed, and fear, and to refute me by ascribing certain things to me. In our sacred service, we always act positively. But unfortunately, sometimes the duty of removing the obstacles in the way of some good matter impels us to act negatively.

It is because of this that I am warning my brothers concerning the above-mentioned three points, in the face of the cunning propaganda of the dissemblers. I am trying to rebuff the attacks which are levelled at them.

The most significant attack now is at my person. They say: “Said is a Kurd. Why do you show him so much respect, and follow him?” So I am forced to mention the Fourth Satanic Stratagem in the language of the Old Said, although I do not want to, in order to silence such villains.


1. Qur'an, 51:58.

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