Ramadan, the month of the Quran

The place of the Quran among the deeds of worship of believers is almost in the first place. There are excerpts from the Quran in every prayer we perform and every supplication (dua) we say. Therefore, the Quran is also a “book of dua and dhikr” for believers.   

There is no other book for each letter of which ten thawabs are given when it is read in the world. Therefore, a believer must take his share from the Quran every day. It is necessary to read the Quran not only as a deed of worship and supplication but also as a source of blessing and inspiration.  

In addition to giving endless fruits of thawab in terms of its words, the Quran is also a unique source of inspiration in terms of its meaning and ideas. The Quran caused numerous Islamic books to be written by giving inspiration and blessings to millions of seekers of truth and tafsir scholars. Therefore, when we read the Quran, we should try to think of and meditate on the realities in it.

Reading the Quran necessitates meditating on it, having the ethics of it and living in accordance with it. It can be possible only by taking its high realities with our brains and digest it with our spirits.

The Quran, which is the perfect expression of the truth, is a guide of endless bliss for the mind and heart. The more you think about and meditate on the Quran, the more fruits of ideas it will give.   

Ibn Mas`ud states the following: "Dig out the Quran because it has the knowledge of the previous people and the people of the future."

This statement takes us to the treasures of the Quran, whose depth is endless. One can find great treasures by working patiently and digging the ground. The treasures of high ideas and thoughts in the Quran can be attained only by continuous and great efforts of thought.  

As the Quran is read repeatedly, it does not make man tired; on the contrary, it arouses fresh enthusiasm and excitement in the spirit. Those who read the Quran feel this reality in their spirits themselves. They see that the Quran is an inexhaustible treasure in this sense too.

Yes, the Quran is like a living organism that is renewed continuously. It opens different and new horizons of thought in the human mind every time it is read.  

The Quran and the books that receive inspiration from the Quran based on their degrees are like that. Every time the Quran and its high realities are read and meditated, it becomes like a tree that blossoms, yields fruit and gives human mind fresh buds of thoughts. Thus, it feeds and strengthens the thought, brain, spirit and heart. Therefore, Hz. Ali says, "Reading the Quran strengthens man’s intelligence." 2

We cannot list all of the virtues and superiorities of reading the Quran. We should say that what pleases Allah and His Messenger most is to recite the Quran “with a sweet voice” and meditate on it. The following is stated in a hadith:  

"God Almighty listens to a person who recites the Quran more than a person who listens to the song of his sweet-voiced female slave." 3

One night, the Prophet (pbuh) was waiting for Hz. Aisha but she delayed. When she arrived, the Messenger of Allah asked her,  

"What caused you to delay?"

Hz. Aisha said,

"O Messenger of Allah! I heard somebody reciting the Quran and listened to him. I have never heard anyone reciting the Quran better than him."

Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stood up and went together with Hz. Aisha to listen to that person. He listened to him for a long time. When he returned in a pleased way, he said, "The person who recites the Quran is Salim, the freed slave of Abu Hudhafa. Praise be to Allah, who created such people in my ummah." 4

It is understood from the hadiths above that if a person reads the Quran with a sweet voice, showing respect to it and meditating on its meaning, he will benefit greatly from it.

The Quran is the book of the universe. It transforms the universe into a mosque and presents the universe like a living being whose beings mention Allah all the time with its verses. The verses virtually touch sometimes a star in the sky and sometimes a particle with the hammers of oneness and declare oneness; they teach the minds and hearts Allah’s sublime power and mercy:

"From Allah, verily nothing is hidden on earth or in the heavens. He e it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases." The verse above and similar ones declare oneness in small and big realms.

The spiritual beings that listen to the Quran feel very pleased and happy. The angels descend from the sky with the Quran that is recited and turn around it like moths. 6

Thus, if we want to please Allah, His Messenger and angels and illuminate our world, we should read the Quran properly and benefit from its realities.  

The more we read the Quran, which is a treasure of mercy and cure for believers and a means of eternal guidance, the more we will benefit from that treasure.

As Ibn Mas`ud states, we should try to dig out the meanings of the Quran like a treasure hunter when we read it.


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Mehmed Paksu, Mübarek Gün ve Geceler

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