The Necessity of a Teacher That Will See the High Purposes in the Creation of the Universe and Inform People about Them Proves His Prophethood.

The beauties, the wonderful system, the perfect creatures in the universe indicate their creator and administrator. Similarly, those creatures in the universe necessitate the existence of a messenger.  This Messenger;

  • has to know the divine purposes and inform people about them;

  • has to learn from the continuous changes, deaths, births, destructions and constructions taking place in the universe and teach people about the divine wisdom in them;  

  • has to teach people about the dutiful actions of the things in the universe, from stars to atoms, and declare the value of the universe and the perfection of the creatures in it;

  • has to answer the stunning questions of the creatures in this realm like, “Where are they coming from?”, “Where will they go?” and “Why do they come here and why do they not stay here for a long time and leave?”

  • has to be a loud proclaimer that will read the meaning of the book of the universe and the verses of creation and that will interpret their wisdom.

A loud proclaimer, a loyal messenger, a researching teacher and a true explorer that will fulfill those duties is absolutely necessary.

As the history witnesses, the person who fulfilled those duties more than anybody else is Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Those duties witness strongly and universally that he is the highest and most loyal official of the Creator of this universe.

Yes, through the light that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) brought, the real nature, value, perfection of the universe and the duties, outcomes, tasks and values of the creatures in it are understood and known. Thus, the universe becomes a divine letter that is very meaningful as a whole. It becomes like an embodied divine book and informs people about its Maker, who created them like a magnificent exhibition.

Otherwise, it becomes a mere desolate ruin, a confused, terrible place of mourning, toppling over into the darkness of non-existence, nothingness, death, and obliteration. It is in consequence of this truth that the universe’s perfections, purposeful transformations, and eternal meanings declare in powerful fashion: “We testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!..”

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