Last Visits of the Messenger of God

The time of the Messenger of God to leave this ephemeral world was approaching day by day and hour by hour.

One night at midnight, the Messenger of God suddenly went out of his house. Hazrat Aisha said, “O Messenger of God! Where are you going?”

He said, “I was ordered to ask forgiveness for the people from my family buried in the Cemetery of Baqi; I am going there.”[1]

Abu Rafi and Abu Muwayhib, his freed slaves, were together with him. He stood among the graves in the Cemetery of Baqi for a long time, prayed and asked forgiveness for them. Then, he turned to Abu Muwayhib and told him that we would pass away to the eternal realm and see the face of God there:

“O Abu Muwayhib! I was left free to choose between the keys to the treasures of the world and the bounties of the hereafter; I chose the bounties of the hereafter!”[2]

When Abu Muwayhib heard what he said, he was stupefied. He started to cry; all of his feelings, his spirit and his heart started to cry along with his eyes.

After this significant visit, the Messenger of God returned to his home.

Visiting the Martyrs of Uhud

The Prophet was also ordered to pray and ask forgiveness for the martyrs of Uhud, too. Therefore, he went to Uhud one day. He prayed for a long time for his distinguished Companions that had been martyred there.

After he returned from Uhud, he went to the Mosque. He ascended to the pulpit. He addressed the Muslims: “I will be the first one among you to reach the Pond of Kawthar and the first one to meet you there.” He added:

“I do not fear that you will return to polytheism after me; however, I fear that you will be tempted by the world, envy one another and kill one another; I fear that you will perish like the ones that perished before you as a result of this.”[3]

In the House of Maymuna

The Messenger of God was in the house of Maymuna as it was her turn. Though he was ill, he paid great attention to the rights of his wives. His fever suddenly went up. All of his wives that he had invited were sorry and gloomy and they were standing around him.

The Prophet asked them, “Whose house shall I go tomorrow?”

He repeated this question several times. None of his wives answered.

The reason why he asked this question was the fact that he wanted to stay in Hazrat Aisha’s house when he was ill.

The wives of the Prophet soon realized this desire of the Prophet through their foresight and agreed that he should stay in Aisha’s house.

Thereupon, the Prophet left Maymuna’s house with the help of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Abbas and went to Aisha’s house.[4]


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