How should we evaluate Hazrat Mahdi in terms of the might of Allah and reasons?

The task of Mahdi is very difficult. As a matter of fact he was assigned this task because it is difficult. It is inevitable that the spring will come despite the hardships and troubles of the winter; likewise after the period of intense Sufyanism, a period of bliss will come. Allah promised it, it will take place.

When we look at the issue from the point of view of divine might, we will see that it is not difficult at all. Didn't so many events regarded to be impossible take place in history? Allah, who controls everything, who rewards each good deed many times, who regards a very small but sincere deed as big as mountains, will definitely pave the way for Hazrat Mahdi and will make his task easy. He will definitely make these sincere people surprisingly successful despite the difficult conditions.

What can be difficult for His might? Doesn't He sometimes make us live four seasons on the same day? When the time is due He changes the course of the events in such a way that everybody is shocked. Yes, "Allah fills and empties between the earth and the sky in a minute; likewise He calms down the storms of the seas in a second; He can create a sample of the summer in the spring in an hour as well as a storm of the winter in the summer; He might just as well scatter the darkness over the world of Islam. And he has promised to do it; He will definitely keep His promise."

So, it is very easy from the point of view of divine might. When it is considered in terms of divine wisdom, "Again, it is so reasonable and probable that the contemplating people decide, "Even if there is not a narration from the Prophet (PBUH) it should be like that".

The salawat (prayers for Muhammad (PBUH) and his descendants) recited by the Muslim community five times a day for Muhammad (PBUH) and his descendants were accepted; the sign for this is that his descendants lead the holy chains and spread all over the world. Those luminous personalities lead the big communities of each century. For instance, one of them, Sayyid Ahmad As-Sunusi, leads millions of followers and Sayyid Idris leads more than one hundred thousand Muslims. Another descendant called Sayyid Yahya is the commander of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Among the members of the tribe of Sayyids (descendants of the Prophet (PBUH)) apart of from the apparent commanders, there are spiritual commanders like Sayyid Abdulkadir Al-Gaylani, Sayyid Abul-Hasan Ash-Shazali and Sayyid Ahmad Al-Badawi.

This holy line of descendants is so many in numbers that the commanders of this army constitute a large army. If they took a material form, and became a party through solidarity and made Islam a connection of alliance and awakening in the form of a holy nationality, no army would resist it. This powerful army with so many soldiers is the descendants of Muhammad (PBUH) and the best army of Hazrat Mahdi.

Today in the history of the world there is no such group of descendants as strong and as important as sayyids (the descendants of the Prophet (PBUH)), who are connected to each other with a pedigree, documents and tradition and who are distinguished with a high honor, exalted merits and noble ancestry. They have been the leaders of the groups of the people of reality and the famous chiefs of the mature people since old times. Now they constitute a holy group of descendants numbering more than millions. They are awakened and outstanding with their believing hearts full of prophet love and honored affiliation to the prophet.

Within a group like that, great happenings that will excite and arouse the holy strength have taken place:

"It is certain that a high zeal in that great strength will speak out and Mahdi will take the leadership and direct this strength into the right path and reality; we are waiting for it to happen and we are right to wait for it to happen like that as we wait for the spring to come after the winter from the way and mercy of Allah."(1)

(1) Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, Mektubat (The Letters), p. 425, 426.

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