Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner, The Bestower of Forms)

Al-Musawwir means the one that depicts and shapes. All creatures show Allah Almighty's name musawwir in the shapes given to them and depicted for them.

Every being, from a raindrop to a snowflake, from daisies to carnations, from fingerprints to pupils, from ants to stars in the sky and from particles to galaxies are mirrors of Allah's name al-Musawwir with their forms and shapes peculiar to them.

Now, let us deal with a human being and try to see the manifestation of the name Musawwir: even if we leave aside the head, which is an outcome of an extraordinary planning with all of its components, there are millions of probabilities for a face that can be placed on this prepared material. It is definitely impossible to choose the most suitable and the most beautiful one in a way to incapacitate all minds among those numerous probabilities. The material used on a person’s face is utterly simple and plain. There is only one piece of skin, one pair of eyes, and a little hair. Despite this, if you had never seen the beauty of a face, would you be able to imagine that a two-month old baby’s face, a beauty amidst simplicity and plainness, could be created?

After drawing a face for a person, it is as impossible to draw another face for a second person. There is nothing as difficult as drawing a separate face for each one by using the same elements. For, it is necessary to draw a face by leaving aside all of the faces drawn previously.

Besides, the face of a person is not a simple portrait. Each organ on the face has functions that necessitate both limitless art and limitless knowledge. Even if we were to put all these functions aside, would it not be just as impossible to create facial expressions such as a smile, worry, fear, laughter, and hundreds of others, as it is to create the face? It is difficult to fill a cup with the ocean; similarly, it is also difficult to depict the human soul in a face. A believer’s face is bright like his soul whereas a non-believer’s face is dark like his soul.

Sometimes it could take years for a sculptor to give a simple statue symmetry. On the other hand, every second, 4 people and every day 350.000 people are fully created with utmost easiness, Each individual has a different face.

When we see twins or triplets that resemble each other, we marvel at them. Then, we would like to ask: Which one is more difficult: to make two faces resemble each other or to make billions of people not resemble one another? Why do we marvel at the former but not marvel at the latter?

Who is the creator of these distinct faces?

Who is the artist who makes brilliant works of art from simple substances and whose craftsmanship perplexes the mind?

Who is the one who shows countless expressions on a face?

Who is the one who has given each individual a distinct face?

Who is the one who allows the organs of the face to work perfectly?

Who is the one who has taught the eye to see, the nose to smell, the tongue to taste, and the ears to hear?

There is one answer to all these “who’s?’ and that is, Allah, who is Musawwir (the Shaper)!

After studying human face a little, let us compare the depiction and shapes of all animals, plants, flowers and living and non-living beings to man. And let us see the name musawwir through the following windows: 

A deed cannot be without a doer; a piece of art cannot be without an artist; a book cannot be without a writer; similarly, shaping cannot be without a musawwir, that is, a being that depicts and shapes.

If a simple picture of a face on paper necessitates an artist, does unlimited number of real faces in this realm not necessitate the existence of Allah, who is Musawwir?

It is necessary to know all of the faces that had been drawn in order to be able to draw a different face; similarly, is it not necessary to know all of the faces that had been created in order to create a different face? Does it not indicate the oneness of Allah, who is Musawwir and that He created all faces? 

Every face indicates Allah's name Musawwir; do they not indicate Allah's attributes like knowledge, will and power since they are all different?

Now let us try to see Allah's name al-Musawwir in the pages of the book of the universe and to meditate on the meanings we have mentioned.

The book of the universe informs us about Allah with His name musawwir; the Quran informs us about Allah's name Musawwir as follows:

“He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases. There is no god but He, the Exalted in Might, the Wise”(Aal-i Imran 6)

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