According to the sect of Shafii, when a man touches a woman-also when a woman touches a man-his ablution is spoilt. However, while Shafiis are performing Hajj-pilgrimage-though they touch women why do not their ablutions become spoilt?

It is because all the four sects are right that it is seen legitimate to imitate any one of the judgments of a right sect in the event of a hardship. Because it is very crowded at the time of Hajj, unconsciously men may touch other women, and vice versa. In such a situation, the ablutions of Shafiis do not become spoilt. As it is virtually impossible to avoid such incidences during the performance of the components of Hajj, they imitate the sect of Hanafi; by saying the word of intention, they conform to Hanafi in that respect. They thus perform their prayers with peace and comfort without any apprehension.

In fact, as all kinds of devilish tricks are removed from these sacred places, hajjis do not realize that their hands touch the hand of a woman.

As can be seen, it is a mercy upon the Muslims that sects are different. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pointed out this fact in one of his Hadiths: The disagreement of my community is mercy. (Keşfü'l-Hafa, 1:64)

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