Abu Quhafa (r.a.)

Abu Quhafa, Hz. Abu Bakr’s father. Although all of the family members of had become Muslims, Abu Quhafa became a Muslim later, after the conquest of Makkah.

When Makkah was conquered, Hz. Abu Bakr held his father’s had and took him to the Prophet. He was very old and he could not see. The Prophet did not want him to be tired. He said to Hz. Abu Bakr, “May Allah show mercy to you! Why did you not leave your father at home? Why did you tire him? I would have gone and visited him. Hz. Abu Bakr said, “O Messenger of Allah! It is better for him to come to you instead of your visiting him.” The Prophet made Abu Quhafa sit in front of him and said, “O Abu Quhafa! Be a Muslim and attain peace.” Abu Quhafa uttered kalima ash-shahada and became a Muslim at once. Thus, there were no non-Muslims left in Hz. Abu Bakr’s family.

Abu Quhafa remained in Makkah. When he found out that people paid allegiance to his son Hz. Abu Bakr after the death of the Prophet, he said, “It is a fact that there is no one who can prevent what Allah gives. There is no one who can give what Allah does not give.” Thus, he thanked Allah.

Hz. Abu Quhafa died in H 14, when he was 97 years old, after the death of Hz. Abu Bakr.

May Allah be pleased with him![1]


[1]Usdul-Ghaba, 3: 374; Tabaqat, 3: 184.

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