Why Baba Ali accepted Islam?

This is the story of Baba Ali from Ummah Films and how he came to Islam. Let's see how people have took a big move by turning they way of life to be a Muslim. What's the reason behind it? Why?.. find the answer here, on this episode.

Baba Ali is the founder of Ummah Films, a Muslim film company that strives to provide Halaal (Islamically permissable) entertainment to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Ali's innovative idea for Ummah Films was spawned by the tragic events of September 11. Immediately following the terrorist strike, Muslims worldwide condemned the attacks as both evil and contrary to the true teachings of Islam. Ali, and co-founder Mahdi Ahmad, felt it was imperative that Ummah Films do its part to educate the public, but decided on a alternative approach that, while edgy, maintains the proper amount of respectability that upholds the fundamental tenants of Islam. "It's unfortunate that the religion of Islam was associated with 9-11 since Islam completely condemns any form of terrorism and extremism," says Ali, . "It has been estimated that five to eight million Muslims live in the United States. If Islam taught terrorism, you would see Muslims all over the local news committing acts of violence. Instead, the reality is the exact opposite because Islam is a religion peace, not terrorism."

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