What were the first signs that predicted Muhammads (PBUH) prophethood?

When the Master of the Universe (PBUH) reached the age of thirty-eight, he started to hear some voices and some lights around. And sometimes he was called as, O Muhammad! from unseen.

Yet he was then still unable to understand what those strange voices and lights meant. However, he knew that such occurrences were not meaningless and not for nothing and spent days pondering over them.

From time to time, he told his venerable wife, Khadija, about them and often they two spoke about them. His wife, Khadija, the only source of comfort then, kept consoling him during their conversations.

This state of Muhammad (PBUH) continued for about one year.

At the age of 39, the period of True Dreams started. The events that were to happen the day after were being shown to him in his dreams in a way between wakefulness and sleep. It was so much so that the dreams he had in the night were taking place during the day as he had in his dream.
This state went on about six months, which can be considered a preparation period for receiving divine revelations.

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