What should I do to be in the way of the religion?

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- I want to perform prayers but I don’t. I always postpone. Then, I feel guilty since I do not perform prayers. I may die without performing prayers.
- How can I have the desire to perform prayers?
- I want to mention Allah a lot through prayers etc., but I can’t.
- What can you advise me? What should I do?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Allah sent down the Quran gradually in 23 years. The first 13 years were in Makkah and the last 10 years were in Madinah.

The Quran wants two things from us: “First belief, then worshipping”

Therefore, the following took place in the first 13 years in Makkah in general:

  • Tawhid: that is, Allah’s existence and oneness; and the indispensability of His existence.
  • Prophethood: that is, belief in prophets, primarily in the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the stories of the tragic end of the nations that did not obey Allah’s commandments and prohibitions.
  • The hereafter: that is, the world is virtually a field; we are informed that we will definitely receive the return for the crops we sow as we are demanded or we do not sow in the form of reward or penalty in the hereafter; we are told to meditate on them at length and we are asked to strengthen and consolidate our belief throughout life.   

The following took place in the second period, which took place in Madinah:

  • Worshipping: that is, we are informed about our duties of worshipping in individual and social life and how to worship Allah. Each of them was shown, explained and taught by the Prophet one by one.

In order to do properly what we are asked to do, the most important point is to believe in that thing in all aspects. Therefore, it will be better to define the period of Makkah as the period of BELIEF and Madinah as the period of WORSHIP to ease understanding.

Accordingly, the first duty of every Muslim is to believe unconditionally in Allah and the principles of belief that Allah informs us. Pay attention that we do not mention believing “blindly”.

We must believe as if we see Him. In order to do it, we must read the books, interpretation of the Quran and biographies of the Prophet that will increase our belief; we must meditate a lot and abandon the useless and unnecessary things that will be of no use to us after this world.    

The secret of the issue lies here: as our belief increases based on investigation, we will automatically get rid of the meaningless and useless things that we have been doing and find ourselves in the way of Allah. Such an effort and journey in investigative belief must continue throughout life so that the pleasure we take from worshipping will increase so many times more.

It should not be understood that we will retire from worldly affairs as our investigative belief increases; when we abandon useless things, we will have more time for our duties like taking care of our families, working, ordering what is good and forbidding what is evil. We cannot and must not abandon them. The secret and beautiful aspect of the issue is to gain rewards by fulfilling those difficult duties.

If we have such an understanding, we will wait for the next fard prayer to come with excitement and enthusiasm after each fard prayer.

The Quran informs us about the parts of prayer with indications and implications and wants us to follow the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) for the details.

When the Quran describes believers, it states the following at the beginning of the chapter of al- Muminun: “They humble themselves in their prayers.” The secret of being a believer is to humble ourselves in prayers; the prerequisite for it is to increase our belief.

According to a narration, Abu Hanifa was making wudu one day. His face was pale; his students asked,

“Master! What is the matter with you?”

He answered, “Do you not know into whose presence we will enter soon?”

May Allah enable all of us to attain such consciousness!

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