What is inside the Kaaba?

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What is inside the Kaaba?
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There were 360 idols in the Kaabah before Islam. However, after Islam, nothing was put in it.
Currently, there is a staircase and three wooden columns to reach the roof in it.The iInner walls and the floor is covered with marble. There are golden and silver candles suspended from the ceiling. Somewhere near the door, the holy stone “Hajar al Aswad (The Black Stone)” was placed and it is encircled by a silver circle.
The Kaabah is not merely the stone building  there. It is like a luminous column extending from under the ground to the heavens. The Kaabah or its stones are not meant to be adored. The intention of the idolators is mere adoration. The people who head towards the Kaabah during worship do not mean to adore it, but just obey Allah’s command and head towards to the enjoined direction. The Kaabah is the first place of worship on earth.

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