Could you give information on apprehension of future and livelihood (rizq)?

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I have anxiety about my future. I'm unemployed at the moment. I'm also in depression. What can I do so that I can overcome these feelings?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Such feelings have been given to human beings not only for worldly life but also for succeeding in otherworldly life, which is the true destination of ours. This apprehension must primarily felt for succeeding in otherworldly life.

Working within the permitted limits is accepted as worship. And acting in accordance with causes is a supplication in a sense. However, one must recognize what he gets at the end of his work as a kind offering and help from Allah. Working and thoughts which do not comply with these two criteria are wrong. For this reason, fearing that one will not earn enough to live by is inappropriate. Our responsibility is to work and who will let us succeed in our works is Allah. This is the philosophy we should adopt.

Of course, we should think of our future. However, this should not cause apprehension and distrust in Allah’s mercy. We should give attach more importance to our future in otherworldly life than to our future in worldly life.

On the other hand, resigning oneself in Allah’s hands (tawakkul) does not mean “not working”. Resigning oneself in Allah’s hands means being pleased with what Allah gives after attempting at causes (doing whatever we can) and taking all the necessary precautions. A person who does so lives a peaceful life and does not make his soul suffer from apprehension of livelihood. The following hadith of the Prophet is a significant source of hope for such person: “If you resign yourself in Allah’s hands sincerely, He will give your livelihood, just like He gives to birds.”

Resigning oneself in Allah’s hands never prevents one from working and attempting. Allah the Supreme states in Quran: “Man can have nothing but what he strives for” (al-Najm, 39).

One day, a man came up to the Prophet (pbuh) and said: “Shall I resign my camel in Allah’s hands by untying or by tying it?” and the Prophet said: “Tie you camel and then resign it in Allah’s hands” (Tirmidhi, Qiyamah, 60) and so determined the appropriate way of resignation in Allah’s hands most clearly.

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