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Why does Islam and Christian live separately even though the Oneness of Allah has given down the Prophet to mankind together?
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Firstly, we would like to express that making good relations with people and providing unity and solidarity are bases of all divine religions. Acting in a manner that is completely contrary to such bases is the fault of the members of such religions, not the fault of the religions. The condition is valid for Islam and its members too. The time of our Prophet has many examples which enlighten this matter. For example, while the Muslims were in Mecca coming first our Prophet (PBUH) and all the other Muslims did their best to make good relations with polytheists (mushriks living in Mecca) and when they emigrated to Medina they firstly had signed a peace treaty with Jews.

Also, it should not be forgotten that this world is a place of examination. The struggle between goodness and badness will continue until the end of the world. So that as there will be good people on the world, so will bad people. Factious people, who always try to destroy good relationships between humans because of their personal benefits, will always be. Despite all, the people who obey the divine rules will be the winners of this examination and will be the ones who win the God’s pleasure.

The links given below briefly explain the Islamic opinion about the interreligious dialogue.

What are the examples of dialogue during the time of our Prophet (PBUH) and his tolerance towards the followers of other religions?

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