What is Sexuality? How Should We Evaluate It?

Today, deviant considerations which are based on concupiscence are the results of wrong evaluations of the concept of sexuality.

Evaluating the issue in the framework of concupiscence, would be, at least, a sign of narrow-mindedness. This point of view could cause people to use their life wrongly and to be a plaything of some malign groups.

Immorality is the most effective instrument of inactivation, used by some shady groups, which aim to eliminate dignity and personality from men, purity and chastity from women. It is a grievous cheat which makes people watch the world from the window of sexuality and which shows this natural rule as the only objective of humankind.

When examining the issue of sexuality, it is necessary to deal with it in the largest sphere. Lightning flashes and light results from aura. So to speak, the mother and the father of this new creature exist: negative and positive poles. If all the clouds were positively (or negatively) charged, the lightning would not arise.

The heavens and the earth display another union. All the creatures, which we see on the earth, are the common results of the heavens and earth.
The globe comprises two parts too: The sea and the earth

Keep on contemplating We observe two genders in all the plant and animal species. Male and female Eventually, the family is based on two individuals: Man and woman.

We shall say that: The genders of human being are only some links of the rule creating in pairs. We should consider it this way and give importance to it accordingly.

In the Holy Quran the following is stated:

Glory to God (Allah), Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge. (Ya-Seen,36)

Another holy verse:

And of every thing We have created pairs: that you may reflect. (Az-Záriyát), 49).

We have named only some of the pairs of that those two verses point. There exists One who ordained beings in this way. So, that One, the only Lord and Creator of all the pairs, is Allah.

Then, humankind will find the truth, when he considers the sexuality in accordance with the reason why Allah ordained it. Otherwise, he would only be slave of his lust.

The heaven ascended as a result of obeying Allah. The earth became a cradle for men, plants and animals by obeying Allah. It is the same for other pairs, too.
Then, humankind is not excluded from this rule. They can develop and please Allah by trying to act in accordance with what Allah wanted them to be.

This verse about sexuality is so exemplary:

They (your wives) are your garments and you are their garments. (Al-Baqara), 187)

Libas, that is, clothes, are man and woman; one being the garment of the other. Each one is a drawback for the other preventing from corruption. And marriage is a contract concerning decency. It is an agreement which entrusts woman to man to earn the living and which saddles man the responsibility of the subsistence of the woman. Today, there exist some groups supported by foreign centers that aim to bring up a young generation that regards those truths as fantasy. The youth must be very careful in order not to fall into their traps and not to be deceived.

Otherwise, the number of the unfortunate youths, who consider the illicit relationships as the major target of the life, will increase. Consequently, it will harm both the nations future and the hereafter of those young people.

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